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Betfred Casino Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, Free Chip, Bonus Code, Free Play - best casino promotions

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Betfred Casino Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, Free Chip, Bonus Code, Free Play - best casino promotions Empty Betfred Casino Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, Free Chip, Bonus Code, Free Play - best casino promotions

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:19 pm

Betfred Games £10 free bet

New to Betfair Arcade? Play any of our 180+ games and get a £10 free bet!
Simply wager £10 or more on any game today and we’ll return £10 in free bets right back to you.


Four Arcade games, two teams, one winner in this race to claim the crown of Egypt.

The top 50 spinning customers on each set of games compete for two prize pools with a top prize of £1,000 in free bets. The games with the most spins until 11th February will be declared the winner and gets the bigger free bets!

Ladiiies and Gentlemen... welcome to Round 3 of the UN-DIS-PUTABLE king of Friday promotions, weighing in at thousands of pounds on a weekly basis... FEEL... GOOD... FRIIIIIIIDAYS!

Starting this week, two lucky qualifiers will be selected at random and will have their Feel Good Friday bonus removed…. Only to be replaced with a Feel Good Friday bonus of £250!!

Hundreds of free bets will be frivolously distributed every Friday to players who have wagered over £500 from Monday to Thursday.

This isn’t a prize draw either... if you wager over £500 in the Arcade in the qualifying period (excluding Real Deal, Generator, Top Trumps, Table Games, Video Poker and Quickplay Games), you are GUARANTEED to receive a free bet of between £5 and £250! There’s only one stipulation - you MUST use it on Friday before midnight or it will expire!

3 Simple Steps to Feeling Good on a Friday!
1) Wager £500 in the Arcade between Monday and Thursday (excluding Real Deal, Generator, Top Trumps, Table Games, Video Poker and Quickplay Games).

2) Come and visit the Betfair Arcade on a Friday after 12pm (BST) to see the size of the free bet that you’ve received (Free bets appear in the top right of any Real Play Arcade game).

3) Play your Free Bet before midnight (BST) or pffff, it’ll vanish into thin air – use it or lose it.
Now there is absolutely no excuse for not feeling good on a Friday!

What is the Bonus Bar exactly?

Every customer has their own personal Bonus Bar and the more you stake in total on the Betfair Arcade, the more the Bonus Bar grows*. Once it has been completely filled, you will instantly receive a Free Bet that will vary in value from £2.50 up to a whopping £50,000!

Every Bonus Bar is a winner!

The Free Bet that you receive can be used on absolutely any game within the Arcade in either a single bet or combination of bets. One word... amazing.

There are two Bonus Bars on offer, one for our more recreational customers where the staking requirements to fill the Bonus Bar are lower and the top prize is £10,000! The second Bonus Bar is for our VIP customers where the top prize is a massive £50,000 – click here for more about the VIP perks and for details on applying to become a VIP. There is no limit to the number of Free Bets on offer or the number of times you can fill the Betfair Bonus Bar.

It well and truly pays to be a VIP on Betfair Arcade. Not only have we doubled the top prize in the VIP Bonus Bar to an incredible £50,000, we have also added eight amazing VIP trips for two! These range from incredible sporting contests around the world to exclusive red carpet events which we will update throughout the year. The best part is, you get to choose where you want to go!

Good luck with completing your Bonus Bar and hopefully you'll be lucky and scoop the big one.

Play on any Slot, Super Slot, TV game or Virtual Sports game and each bet of £1 or more will award you a point in the Challenge. So, the more you play, the higher you will reach in the Challenge.

Get Double Points for playing:


Get a Multiplier on your Points:

Play across 3 to 5 days – 2X Multiplier
Play across 6 to 9 days – 3X Multiplier
Play across 10 to 14 days – 4X Multiplier
Play across 15 or more days – 5X Multiplier

Love Roulette or maybe Blackjack is your game of choice?

Play any of your favourite Table Games on Betfair Arcade each weekend and you could win the lion's share of the £1,000 prize pool!

Each bet you place* will help you climb the Leaderboard.

Qualify in three easy steps:

1. Opt in to this weekend's £1,000 Leaderboard.

2. Play any Table Game on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3. Climb the table and win a share of £1,000.


Every Wednesday we are giving you a Free Spin!

Each Wednesday, we will choose a batch of Arcade games for you to play. All you need to do is place 24 spins on any of these and your 25th spin is absolutely FREE! Eligible games this Wednesday:








Welcome to the Hunter's Lodge, home of a brand new concept to the Gaming world.

From here on in, any time you are playing any Arcade game within the Arcade site, you will also be viewing the Achievements and Jackpots Side Bar. But, just what are Achievements and Jackpots exactly? Essentially, it is a race against everyone to be the first to complete all eight Achievements to win any of the three Jackpots - THE HUNT IS ON!!

The Jackpots - There are three Jackpots to be won; The Bear, The Moose and The Fox and you guessed it, the bigger the animal, the bigger the potential Jackpot with as much as £100,000 to be won! Each of the three Jackpots will keep on increasing until it is won and it starts all over again. All you need to do to win a Jackpots is complete all eight Achievements. What are Achievements?

The Achievements - There are a total of 24 Achievements split equally across the three Jackpots. Each Achievement carries a specific task within the Arcade, that you will need to do to obtain the Trophy. Some are as straightforward as filling your personal Bonus Bar, some are a bit more challenging. See the tables below for a comprehensive explanation of each Achievement including applicable games it can be won on and what you need to do to obtain them.

So, follow your own progress on both the Side Bar and within My Arcade Account. If an Achievement is lit up, you have that Trophy and if it is not, you need it!


Experience Points (EXP) and Ranks are a representation of your status within Betfair Arcade.

There are several ways to collect EXP and these are:
• By completing any of the 24 Achievements
• Winning an Achievement Jackpot
• Rewards in promotions

So, the more Achievements you get, the more Experience Points you will get. The more Experience Points you get, the higher the Rank you will reach.

And if you are thinking we have introduced EXP and Ranks just for bragging rights, you are wrong! Although we do see the appeal in being the first to reach the Arcade Legend Levels, we thought we should reward you for levelling up as well. There are 23 Ranks to reach and we will award you a Free Bet every time you level up. That is 23 Free Bets for you, totalling £2,774!!

See the tables below for a comprehensive explanation of each Rank including how much EXP you will need to level up and what Free Bet you will receive for getting there.

At Betfair Arcade we know how to treat our VIP players. We have a package of real benefits that you will experience automatically, the more you play. We understand that the expectations of our VIPs are different to our more recreational players (that in no way de-values their importance of course). We like to equate it to eating in a top notch restaurant - you'd quite rightly expect exceptional treatment. And that is exactly what you get with Betfair Arcade VIP Privileges.

There are five main perks to being a VIP on Betfair Arcade:

1) VIP Bonus Bar

The VIP Bonus Bar is exclusive to our VIPs and is absolutely packed with cash. Believe it or not, on average, 1 in 1006 VIP Bonus Bar completions will result in someone winning the £25,000 jackpot! The average prize is around £60. For more information on Betfair’s unique Bonus Bar – click here.

2) More Games

VIPs on Betfair Arcade have access to the High Rollers section of the site where they will find an exclusive range of games including Higher Staking Table Games and Let It Spin. In other words, if you are not already a VIP on Betfair Arcade, these games are four more reasons to become one now.

3) High Stakes

Within the aforementioned High Rollers area, staking levels are set at higher levels for those players who enjoy a bigger gamble.


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